Hello, I am Michel!

Like most people I had a love/hate relationship with money.

It was an ever-present game of tug-of-war.

Living paycheck to paycheck was like watching the moon wax and wane every month. My emotional state matched my financial highs and lows.

At that time I saw money as something elusive and disempowering. I was tired and frustrated and had enough. I decided it was time to make a change and seek help.



Soon I found teachers and mentors who were leading joyfully abundant, deeply spiritual, financially prosperous lives. 

They showed me that my misconceptions about money came from a place of lack, fear, and judgement. They showed me how to create a life of true abundance.

My relationship with money was healed and transformed. Changing my beliefs about money deepened and renewed a sense of wellbeing in me.

My journey with money continues to unfold and inspire personal growth, awareness, and acceptance.


YOU can have it all without compromising your integrity, values, or authenticity.

YOU have the power to create and change YOUR circumstances

Most people have gaping misalignments between who they are and what they are.  They suffer because of this.  Often times it shows up in money issues.  Even more often these issues are not identified.  For most of the public goes on with their daily lives dealing with it and just accepting that “it is what it is”.



NUMEROLOGY: I am a 3-3-4. 

The double 3 means I am all about communication, creativity, and joy.  The 4 keeps me grounded, practical, and organized.  

The image of my numerology code can be seen as pyramid.  The base of a pyramid is a square with 4 sides, and the face of a pyramid is a triangle with 3 sides - stable and supported on earth yet pointing to the sky.




My Ascendant: Revati

  • nurtures
  • inspires prosperity and wealth
  • generous and kind nature
  • guide for those who are lost
  • understands the rhythms life

My compassionate Ascendant in Revati inspires wealth and prosperity, encourages generosity and kindness, and provides nurturing and guidance for those who are lost.

My Moon: Mula

  • questions and investigates
  • gets to the root of things
  • destroys illusion
  • clears the way
  • inspires spiritual pursuits

My feisty Moon in Mula allows me to delve head-on into spiritual truths, dissolve illusion, and untangle the mysteries of life through contemplation and investigation.

My Sun: Punarvasu

  • makes things bright again
  • identifies cycles and patterns
  • boundlessness
  • inspires unification and oneness
  • ability to bounce back

My free-spirited Sun in Punarvasu helps me identify possibility rather than limitations, inspires oneness, and grants the ability to bounce back from adversity with a sense of renewal.


Experience the extraordinary in the ordinary - the magic in the mundane.

I look forward to connecting with you!