Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers, Transformational Coaches, and Intuitives…

Join us for the 8 week Epic Money Creation Course starting on February 5th.  You will receive weekly trainings and bi-weekly group coaching calls.  By the end of the program your will move forward in your business knowing that money will no longer be a subject full of self judgement, shame, or guilt.  You will have the tools to start making money from a place of pleasure and excitement by utilizing your innate gifts and the skills you have acquired that facilitate deep and lasting transformations for your clients.  Armed with a new money vision, you’ll have the clarity and the confidence to create money momentum anytime you choose in your business. 

  • Gain clarity on what you want to create in your business and finally start taking action toward your vision.

  • Join our community of open-hearted, spiritual entrepreneurs that’s more than support when times get tough - it’s a cohort that supercharges and amplifies each other’s money manifestations.

  • Discover what’s holding you back, bust through those blocks, and start creating money with ease.

  • Never again be confused or at a loss for why you’re not making epic money.

  • Create a plan that’s aligned to your desires, rooted in practicality, and led by intuition.

  • Finally, finally, finally, start creating money in your business from the products and services you love.