Knowing who you are is key in life.  It is the foundation in which you begin creating with ease from.  We all know that when we are trying to be someone else, pretending, hiding, ignoring the truth, we are setting ourselves up for major disappointment and struggle.  Manifesting desires is extremely difficult when you are living a lie in the shadows.  We need to be reminded of our true nature and greatness from time to time.  

There is a wealth of information and divine wisdom contained in our Numerology code and Astrology chart.  You may find reassurance, validation, or learn something completely new.  You may find relief from challenges and strategies to overcome obstacles. The real gem is figuring out what you will create moving forward after your reading.

Before our time together, a short form is filled out to determine the intention of the session and whether you prefer a 45 minute Numerology or a Vedic Astrology reading.  The “Discovering the Universe Within” reading is conducted over the phone and a recording is provided.  



 “ Money Awakenings ”

What does money mean to you?  Most people have no idea and have never thought about its purpose.  They never really considered what role money plays in their life.  Some settle into the illusion that it is out of their control.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Manifesting and attracting what you want is possible.  Not only is it possible, but it can be fun and pleasurable.  You simply need help and guidance - an illuminated, clear way forward.

Getting support with your money goals, wants, and wishes makes their attainment all the more possible.  Sometimes helping you see something from a new perspective will motivate you.  Other times a simple technique or process can shift your energy and change everything. Manifesting becomes less confusing and more enjoyable. 

Prior to working together a short questionnaire is completed and an initial call is scheduled to discuss your objectives.  Coaching sessions are conducted weekly or bi-weekly over the phone.  They are recorded so you may listen to them again at your convenience.


You are the Lighthouse.  Within the Lighthouse there is a spiral staircase that echoes the spiral of the galaxy.  The spiral is the ever-unfolding journey where we experience the grandeur of our soul. Expansive. Magnificent. Awe-Inspiring.  What experience do you want to create?  What would light you up from within?

Sacred space is created to fully support you as we delve deep and open up to possibility. We have a crystal clear agenda to maximize our time together.  It is always an honor to be a part of this productive and transformative intensive.

Each in-person VIP day is custom designed after completing a questionnaire and a 15-30 minute introduction call.